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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Atlanta Beltline, Inc. Highlights - WCR Atlanta

Mr. Brian Leary, Atlanta Beltline, Inc. CEO was the featured speaker at the WCR-Atlanta meeting on February 16th, 2012 at Sage Woodfire Tavern in Dunwoody.   Brian talked about the City Transit Initiatives for 2012 in the Transportation Referendum.   Here’s what the proposed beltline looks like:  The beltline will tie together the Atlanta Metro area.   It will be important for all of us to review the initiative prior to voting on July 31st for the one cent tax to help transportation.   This is a multiple county vote to ease traffic in the area, incorporate green space in the city, and promote Atlanta as a place to visit or move a business to.   By using the Beltline to connect Marta to different areas, commuters will be able to work, shop, dine, and even get to the airport.  

New parks are using solar panels to help keep down costs of adding green space to the city.   Lots of unique things are happening in Atlanta.  There was a one day sale event at the Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing in December which featured a drawing of qualified buyers making less than $68,000.  Sixty-eight thousand dollars is the median income in Atlanta.   Check out: or
WCR - Atlanta February Meeting at Sage Woodfire Tavern in Dunwoody, Georgia

WCR - Atlanta, Highlights on Atlanta Beltline, Inc. 

WCR - Atlanta February Meeting at Sage Woodfire Tavern in Dunwoody, Georgia

If you are interested in learning more about the Atlanta Beltline,   there are tours of the beltline project on Friday and Saturday mornings at 9:00 AM from the Inman Marta station.    Also, you can learn more at or or Video Tour:  Transform Metro Atlanta Project

Monday, February 27, 2012

FEMA Flood Maps Are Changing

FEMA’s flood maps are changing.  Did you know that in 2009, ninety percent of the damage was caused to individuals who were not insured?   Did you know a levee was anything that holds back water? 

David Clukie, CFM, National Flood Insurance Program Regional Liaison spoke at the Atlanta Board of Realtors on February 15, 2012.      David’s email is or David’s office is 770-614-0865.  Another good contact at NFIP is Lynn Magel.  Lynn’s email is and her office is 813-788-2624.  For the city of Alpharetta, please contact Jill Bazinet at  or 678-297-6200.

Important sites to know:          Consumer/Agent Sites             Historic Flood Maps      Preliminary Flood Maps (These will not be effective until November or December.   You should contact your local community to see when they will be effective in your area.  You would ask for your city’s flood plain manager in the building department.)   Insurance Related Outreach Tool   Alpharetta Flood Plain Information

Flood map ratings are:  

V      (Highest Rating) Velocity Zones are the coasts and Great Lakes areas.
A      (High Rating Below V Ratings) Flood Zone Areas
B      (Moderate to Minimal Rating)  
C       (Moderate to Minimal Rating)
X       (Lowest Rating)     

Preferred risk policies are offered for X, X Shaded, B or C Zones. 

Even if you are in the lowest rating, you could still purchase flood insurance for your own peace of mind.   There is a thirty day wait if you are not required to have flood insurance as a mortgage requirement.  

Properties that are currently in an X Zone may be moved to an A Zone.  (Check the historic map and then the preliminary maps to see if your property has changed zones.)   David explained that if you are in a lower risk zone right now that you could be “Grandfathered” into a better flood insurance rate.   Grandfathering does not lock your insurance premium.  Flood insurance policies are endorsable or transferable at closing.   As long as the flood insurance coverage never lapsed, they can maintain the low coverage rate and it can be passed on to the next buyer.  

Flood insurance is based on elevation.   Elevation certificates on property can be obtained from surveyors.  It may be a cost savings for neighbors to work together to get a surveyor to pull several property cites for elevation.  A lot of times when one property is affected, the adjacent properties may be affected.   All structures (both residential and commercial) can obtain flood insurance.    If you have questions, call 1-877-FEMA-MAP to talk to the FEMA Assistance Center regarding the National Flood Insurance Program, flood maps, or any other concerns.  

Anyone can be in a flood zone.  Risk levels are different.   Flood zone insurance helps with peace of mind to minimize your risk in the event of a flood.  Even renters should consider flood insurance on their contents insurance.   Talk to your local insurance agent about flood insurance or call 800-638-6620 to purchase flood insurance.   

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mayor Bodker - State of the City of Johns Creek

State of the City Address for Johns Creek
Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, Georgia

Mayor Mike Bodker
 State of the City Address for Johns Creek
Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, Georgia 

Mayor Mike Bodker
 State of the City Address for Johns Creek
Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, Georgia 

Mayor Mike Bodker
 State of the City Address for Johns Creek
Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, Georgia 

 State of the City Address for Johns Creek
Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, Georgia 

Mayor Mike Bodker
 State of the City Address for Johns Creek
Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, Georgia 

Mayor Mike Bodker
 State of the City Address for Johns Creek
Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, Georgia 
On February 16th, Mayor Mike Bodker of Johns Creek gave a State the City of Johns Creek address at the Atlanta Athletic Club.   Click here to view the State the City of Johns Creek Address.   As always, Mayor Bodker was extremely informative.   To learn more about the City of Johns Creek, Georgia, click here

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mayor Mike Bodker - Business Connection

Mayor Mike Bodker at Business Connection

Johns Creek's Mayor Bodker at Business Connection

Johns Creek's Mayor Mike Bodker Discusses the Transportation  Investment Act
Mayor Mike Bodker of Johns Creek highlighted the TIA or the Transportation Investment Act at the 
February Business Connection.  He was appointed to the task force as the North Fulton representative on the Atlanta Regional Commitment Transportation Group.   There will be a vote on this issue in Georgia on July 31st.   It is a one cent sales tax to fund specific transportation projects. 

Check out the Transportation Investment Act plus the specific transportation projects.  Also, another great site for information is

Monday, February 20, 2012

Next ABWA Meeting Feb. 21st

February’s speaker, Kene Iloenyosi, CEO of NeatWorks, Inc., will talk about “Finding Your Sweet Spot in Life”. Do you know where your talents, interests, and passions intersect? Kene will teach you how to find your “TIP”.

Our next ABWA meeting will be on February 21st (third Tuesday of February) at The Barn (770-650-9838) behind the Fickle Pickle, 1085 Canton Street, Roswell, GA 30075 Remember to park at the Roswell Founders Club or at Cara Vita next door. Invite someone you know to our February meeting. See you at 6:00 PM for networking.

Pam Santoro, President, ABWA Crabapple Chapter

ACC ABWA 2012 Woman of the Year

Atlanta Area Council 2011 Chapter Women of the Year

I attended the ABWA Atlanta Area Council meeting on January 28th to represent the ABWA Crabapple Chapter as one of the 2011 Women of the Year.  There were eleven of the chapters represented and 91 members in attendance plus various vendors. 

Lucinda Tharpe Amos - Atlanta Peach Chapter
Patti Bryson  -  New-Roe Chapter (2nd Runner Up AAC WOY)
Delsonia Chappell  -  Pyramid Chapter
Jennifer Cochran   -  Lake Lanier Charter Chapter
Vanessa Taylor Fleming  - Airport Charter Chapter
             Denise DeBurst Gines  -  Hidden Hills Chapter (AAC 2012 WOY)
Cathey Kuhn  -  Douglas County Charter Chapter
Juandalynn Tamiko Leverette  - Solidarity Chapter (1st Runner Up AAC WOY)
Sarah Elizabeth Mobley -  Golden Dome Chapter
Pamela Santoro   -  Crabapple Chapter
Debbi Sornstein   - Gwinnett Charter Chapter

Front:   Denise DeBurst Gines, Juandalynn Tamiko Leverette, and Patti Bryson
ABWA Atlanta Area Board

Denise DeBurst Gines,  2012 ABWA ACC Woman of the Year
Juandalynn Tamiko Leverette, First Runner Up
 and Patti Bryson, Second Runner Up
It was a wonderful event and an honor to be among such esteemed business women.  

Here are some more pictures from the luncheon: or