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Sunday, November 30, 2014

I had the pleasure of participating in the Fulton County Schools Principal for a Day Program in conjunction with the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce.   Principal Jimmy Zoll welcomed me to Autry Mill Middle School on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014.    We attended staff planning meetings discussing the pilot program incorporating computer portals for the students and staff.   They will be using Google’s education program in 2015.   The students use technology to study and complete assignments; therefore, giving them an insight to useful business tools.  
Lynn Riley, Georgia Revenue Commissioner,
Principal Jimmy Zoll, & Pam Santoro

Assistant Principal Abbey May,
Principal Jimmy Zoll and
Assistant Principal Mimi Gamel

The media center has been totally redone with moveable tables and benches plus two flat touch screen TV’s.   Here’s the link to the media center: .   If you click on a section of the media center, it will give you more details on this cool center.
Media Center at Autry Mill Middle School in Johns Creek, Georgia

The Science class used and egg in a beaker of vinegar to demonstrate the transfer of molecules in and out of a cell.   The vinegar dissolved the shell and was absorbed into the egg causing the egg to expand in size.  After all the measurements were taken, they cleaned the beaker out and filled it with corn syrup.   I didn’t get to see the results of this, but since the corn syrup had larger molecules than the vinegar it should absorb the vinegar out of the egg.   I imagine the egg got smaller.   In one classroom, the teacher had everyone link hands to show how easily some particles could transfer in and out of cells.  Another Science class rooms had a lizard in it.     Being a little scared of the lizard, I stayed in my seat a good distance from it.

We observed health classes, math classes, social studies classes and environmental science incorporated in a legislative study.   The students are working with Lynn Riley, the new Georgia Revenue Commissioner, to draft a bill to send to the capital on water conservation on the Chattahoochee River.  

The media center was the cool place for lunch for the students of the month for each grade level plus their friends.   The cafeteria was social and loud, but very organized.   Students helped make sure all was spotless when their class left the area.

The chorus, band and orchestra were practicing hard.   They demonstrated what I saw in the entire building:   energy, enthusiasm, progressive thinking, and very tech savvy. 
Centennial High School Choir
Chelsea Burney Choral Director
Chattahoochee Nature Center

Autry Mill Middle Schools is expanding on the rear of the building to handle the increase in student population.   After attending the reception for Principals of all the Fulton County Schools and their Principals for the Day, I learned that Chattahoochee High School is being renovated and the front will look different next year and Taylor Road Middle School is also expanding.     The Chattahoochee Nature Center hosted the reception on November 19th sponsored by Georgia Power, Carole Parks Catering and the Chattahoochee Nature Center, HNTB Corporation, Farmers Insurance Group – Perry Agency, First Citizens Bank – Peachtree Parkway, and American Family Insurance – Lee Dawkins Agency. 

Centennial High School provided the music “Bella Voce” led by Chelsea Burney, Choral Director.   Chris Nelson, Executive Director of the Chattahoochee Nature, welcomed everyone.   Paul Anderson, Chairman GNFCC Education Committee, gave opening remarks.   Jeff Petrea, Area Manager from Georgia Power Company was the presenting sponsor.   Dr. Robert Avossa, Superintendent of Fulton County Schools, unveiled the Principal for a Day video and spoke about our great schools.  

I highly recommend participating in this wonderful program.   It really shows the strength of our schools, students and future leaders.